Govinda talks about his relationship with David Dhawan

Govinda statements in Aap Ki Adalat

Govinda and David Dhawan has done 17 films together and at one time they are called the beat director-star jodi of bollywood but the time has changed and circumstances have also been changed and in recent show of Aap Ki Adalat Govinda give some controversial statements about his relationship with David Dhawan and movie Avatar.

In Aap ki Adalat Govinda open up some facts why he is not in a good relationship with David Dhawan.He told that he has given David the idea of Chasme Badoor but David has started this film with Rishi Kapoor and when Govinda send his PA to meet David then he said that now i don't want to work with Govinda any more tell him to do some small roles whatever he is getting.

Govinda also said that he has given the title of famous movie Avatar and he has rejected that Hollywood movie because they want to paint him blue.

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