Amit Bhadana Reached another milestone

Amit Bhadana have reached new milestone

Amit Bhadana completed 16 million subscribers

YouTube star Amit Bhadana the man who is know for his humbleness love and kindness is making records and in the line one more is added he became the first individual creator to hit the 16 million subscribers mark from India.Very very congratulations to the great Amit Bhadana.

Adosi family vs padosi family

Recently Amit Bhadana new video Adosi family and Padosi family was released after a long break and it has also crossed the 10 million mark in views count and more is coming towards his way.

Amit Bhadana have shared a post and thanked all of his subscribers for such a huge support and he asked them to make it 20 million.He said his next target is 20 million.

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